I decided the Bears needed their own home.. so here it is!  A quick summary of the pages:

Bearly People:  Pictures of the Victorian Elegance collection
Bearly People -2:  The rest of my personal collection, growing all the time!
Bearly Choices:  Gives the original color choices of the Bears
Bearly Heights:  The different sizes of the Bears
Bearly History:  A quick history, as I've learned it, of the Bears
Bearly There:  The Bears I've still to collect
Bearly Video:  A quick tour of Bears displayed at Walt Disney World
Bearly Video - Small:  A lower resolution version for those on a dial up connection

Bearly Catalogs:  PDF scans of the original catalogs
Bearly Care:  A quick guide to TLC of your Bears

New Additions:  So many even I can't believe it.  Luzianne, Flower Maiden, Bride & Groom (12"), Kaitlin's Cow, Penelope, Garden Party, Holly Maiden, Royal Tapestry, Rare Gold, Rare Gold's little sister (missing her tag so I don't know her real name).... and so many more.  Hopefully I can do a complete photo session soon and add their photos and biographies. 

I got my first Bearly People bear; Lady Caroline, from Disneyland in California, way back in 1990 and Sugar Magnolia from DisneyWorld in Florida in 1991, shortly after.

Since then, I have collected a whole load more, but I believe the Bearly People Company is now out of business as there have been no new designs since 1995 and the bears are now collectors items on EBay (which is where I've purchased most of mine).





I firmly believe my Bearly People site is THE BIGGEST INFORMATION SITE on the internet for these beautiful Bears.  I see so many auctions on eBay where this place is referenced and indeed, I'm number ONE on Google for a search on Bearly People, and have many links from other collectors.  If you'd like me to add your Collectables Store or you have a link I should add, please drop me an email and let me know who you are.

Thanks for visiting, OK, so back then I wasn't adding more Bears, but now I'm trying to fill in the gaps, so if you have a Bear that I'm not showing in my pages and want to find him or her a wonderful home, please drop me an email.

Hope you enjoyed your visit, and please come back again.

Please note I have no connections with the original Bearly People company, I'd just a big admirer of these wonderful collectors' items.