For folks who are trying to find out a little more about these delightful Bears, I've tried to pull together some of their history. 

Bearly People, Inc. seems to have been founded in the late 1980s, and was based in North Hollywood, CA.  Their offices were located at 7250, Radford Avenue, and the CEO was Cheryl de Rose.  Their original address seems to have been turned into a company called Castle Toy, Inc,  specializing in Educational Toys and Puzzles.  The phone number seems to still link to Bearly People, Inc and also to Cheryl Barnert, Inc (courtesy of a search at  Whether Cheryl de Rose is the same person as Cheryl Barnert, I have no idea.  I can't find any references to Bearly People being in existence after the mid 1990s .... I have a couple of Bears that have their copyrighted tag dated as 1995, and little Holiday Bear is dated 1996, but nothing later.

The Bears themselves were manufactured in Korea and China, but the clothes that make them so collectable were all designed and manufactured in the USA.  My 1991 catalog has 74 different designs of Bears, ranging from the small 12" Bears to the larger limited edition 16" Bears and even one design at 18" (Cabaret).

Many of the 14" Bears have smaller 'sister' Bears in a similar design of clothes and there was also a line of Bears who came with matching dresses for girls ages 2 - 7 years! 

I would love to find out more about them... if anyone has information, please let me know.  The email address, as always, is at the bottom of the page.


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Thanks for visiting, OK, so back then I wasn't adding more Bears, but now I'm trying to fill in the gaps, so if you have a Bear that I'm not showing in my pages and want to find him or her a wonderful home, please drop me an email.

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Please note I have no connections with the original Bearly People company, I'd just a big admirer of these wonderful collectors' items.